Poetry Quebec

Poetry Quebec

Guernica Launch
PQ Staff

Guernica Press, one of the oldest presses in Canada held a Montreal launch at The Atwater library Sunday, November 18, 2012. Among the books launched were By Available Light by Michael Carrino, an American writer whose heart belongs to Montreal. He couldn’t make it but Karen Shenfield, a poet from Toronto whose latest book is My Father’s Hands Spoke in Yiddish read some of Carrino’s Montreal located poems. Talk about international/interprovincial/intercity reciprocity.
Another international aspect of the launch was Luka Novak’s novel The Golden Shower Or What Men Want. Novak came all the way from Ljubljana, Slovenia and read an entertaining segment.
Mary Melfi, poet, playwright represented Montreal. She read from her play The Italian Wife.
The other Montreal/Toronto connection was Max Layton who declaimed and read from his book of poems When the Rapture Comes. A very interesting aspect of this book is that each poem starts with the same first line “When the Rapture Comes”. One might think of this book as a variation on a theme. Quite a challenge and well executed.


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