In By Available Light, New and Selected Poems, Michael Carrino’s empathic imagination illuminates vivid portraits of loved ones and strangers alike in their mutual longing for the possibility of love. Carrino artfully leads the reader across the “problematic border between light and shade” through dimly lit cityscapes, past old ports bathed in August moon shadow. We step with him as the images unfold, savoring the “tested pleasure” his poems will bring.

– Carol Lipszyc, author of Singing Me Home.

By Available Light is an education on how lost time can be recovered through poetry, how the murky, clogged waters of the past can be clarified by words and made to flow again. This book of Michael Carrino’s new and selected poetry brings together the voices of son, brother, soldier, lover, traveler, and, as each one shares intimate stories, we are reminded that the poet is always more than one person, that he is all the lives and autobiographies his imagination can salvage. Carrino’s work is immediate and totally captivating, and he never writes without his two collaborators: heart and mind.

-Luciano Iacobelli, author of The Angel Notebook


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